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There are many respectable, experienced tree surgeons out there, but there are also many without the know-how needed to protect and save a tree. Workers often find that with the right equipment and by calling themselves surgeons, they can get into the industry easily. Many in the business do not make tree preservation or overall health a priority, but rather will cut off whatever they think is damaged or diseased or what the homeowner tells them to cut. 

Tree surgeons can work side-by-side with arborists, but rarely would they call themselves that when actual arborists are on the job. A qualified company should have certified arborists to make tough decisions. But before hiring anyone, arborist or tree surgeon, do your research to ensure that any work will be done safely and with your tree in mind!

Arborist or tree surgeon: What’s the difference and how to find the right one for your tree problems?

Having a problem with a tree on your property? Before you start Googling ‘tree surgeon near me’ or ‘arborist in Brisbane or the Gold Coast’, you should know that you’re using two different terms interchangeably. There is actually a big difference between them. You should first be asking ‘what does a tree surgeon/arborist do?’ in order to work out which one to call upon to assist with your tree related problem!

What is a tree surgeon?

Put simply, tree surgeons are paramedics and arborists are doctors. Tree surgeons prune, fell and remove trees, limbs or stumps using dangerous equipment and often at height. It’s a risky job that’s primarily focused on removing an element safely with minimal damage to its surroundings. No formal education is required but it involves extensive training and experience.

What does an arborist do?

An arborist must have certain qualifications and certifications and will be part of certain organisations. They look at the entire ‘body’ (or garden) holistically, to prescribe a solution that heals a problem, assessing and maintaining tree health.

How do you know when you need which?

If you’re dealing with a storm-damaged tree or dead limb at risk of falling onto your property and damaging the structure of your home, you will need a tree surgeon. If you’re worried about the health of a tree or want to add more trees to your garden, an arborist can help.

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Arborist

  • Do you have an Australian Government Diploma of Arboriculture?
  • Do you have public liability insurance of at least $20 million and professional indemnity of at least $2 million, and can you provide me with current certificates?

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