When is the best time of year to prune trees?

The best time of year to prune trees is during the end of winters in February and March when the branches are dry and the tree had shed its leaves. Pruning in fall that is during August and start of November is not advisable since it is the time when trees are vulnerable.

Is the entire tree stump removed when grinding?

The entire tree is stump is subjective. There is a big part of the stump that is under the ground, the roots are spread meters around the tree. We grind the stump 8-9 inches below the ground, so there will be no visible evidence of any stump being there before. They stump will decompose on its own inside the ground.

Can we perform Selective Clearing on our land?


Selective clearance is the process that allows you to agree on particular trees that should be left alone.

Why does a tree company have insurance?

As a customer you should always hire an insurance company whose employees are protected by insurance. It is to protect you from lawsuits. Insurance protects the employees in case of injuries, loss, and makes sure you don’t get financially responsible for the employers fault.

Do you Need a Professional to Take Care of your Tree Removal?

Tree removal work isn’t the kind of job you would attempt by yourself. Doing so yourself can cause serious property damage or personal injury. Tree removal comes with too many safety risks and worries. Let an accomplished, skilled professional with the right equipment take care of the job for you.

How to maintain a Palm Tree?

Maintaining a palm tree involves The bark should be removed, the surface polished, the leaves pruned and kept protected. Stripping of the outer layer of bark will keep the surface shiny.

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How does an arborist assist in the land clearing process?

An arborist is a professional who specializes in the care and maintenance of trees. They possess the knowledge, skills and equipment to provide a wide range of services to keep trees healthy and safe, including pruning, planting, fertilizing, diagnosing and treating pests and diseases, and providing recommendations for the overall care of trees. In the land clearing process, an arborist can assist by identifying and marking trees that are to be retained, providing guidance on the best way to remove the trees that need to be removed in order to minimize damage to the remaining trees and surrounding environment, and also by providing tree planting and reforestation recommendations to help restore the site after the land clearing process.

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