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Today, we’re going to be looking at the impact treehouses can have on trees, as well as the methods by which we can reduce this impact.

Put simply, a treehouse will inevitably cause a certain amount of stress to a tree, and attempting to design a treehouse without sufficient understanding of tree anatomy can lead to problems. However, as living organisms, trees have ways of protecting themselves and recovering from damage. By understanding the mechanisms that a tree uses to protect itself, we at Blue Forest keep the impact on the tree to an absolute minimum, and cause little to no lasting damage.

Does Building a Treehouse Damage the Tree?

In our most recent blog post, we provided some tips for building a treehouse. Let’s consider a different treehouse topic now. Does building one do any sort of damage to the tree?

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Here’s the thing: bacteria and fungi can have a negative impact on a tree. Over time, infections may cause rot and even death. Keep in mind that a tree’s bark works to protect the living layers underneath from such exposure.

If the bark is damaged in any way, the tree becomes compromised. Basically, the living tissue is exposed which increases the chances of infection.

How does this play into building a treehouse? Well, avoid damaging the bark as much as possible. This might seem like a small thing, but trust us when we say it allows your tree to maintain good health.

Cutting the trunk or branches

It might seem like a good idea to cut pieces out of the trunk so that supports fit better. However, this exposes a significant amount of living tissue. Not ideal, right?

If you need to remove branches before the treehouse construction, we recommend contacting a professional. Again, the last thing you want is to put your tree in a lose-lose situation just to make the treehouse work.


Without question, bolts can wreak havoc on a tree’s well-being. When it comes to fixing support, it makes sense to fit a single, large bolt into a cleanly drilled pilot hole.

This decreases the number of puncture points to a particular area and eliminates what tree experts call compartmentalization. Maybe you’re thinking, “What the heck is compartmentalization?” The short definition is when a tree becomes damaged, it tries to reduce the spread of disease and rot by isolating that particular section. Once a barrier layer grows around the damage, nutrients no longer flower to the area (known as a compartment).  

Nails and screws

Trying to figure out how to fix the supports? By no means should you turn to nails and screws. These should be reserved for the flooring, framing, and wall panels only.

Slings, ropes, and cables

Have you ever seen anything tied around the trunk or branches of a tree? Unfortunately, these constricting objects will damage a large area of bark as the tree moves.

Granted, some trees have the ability to grow over obstacles. But you’re taking a major risk when using slings, ropes, and cables when building a treehouse.

What’s an effective alternative? We advise using webbing straps or slings because they put much less pressure on the bark.

A Tree Service You Can Trust

Now that you understand the kind of damage a treehouse can do to a tree, what’s your next step? Frankly, your best bet is to contact a local tree service. They will likely have their own tips for constructing a treehouse without compromising the tree’s health.

Pro Tree Service has been serving Chicago and surrounding suburbs for nearly three decades. If tree trimming is on your to-do list ahead of this project, we have you covered.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to look into our tree trimming service:

  • Significantly dead, damaged, or diseased branches
  • Safety concerns (overgrown trees that may be encroaching on nearby properties, public-use spaces, and/or utility lines
  • Aesthetic concerns

There’s no question that tree pruning requires utmost precision. Believe it or not, one innocent cut could leave your tree in dire straits. That’s why it’s imperative to leave tree care in the hands of the experts.

Pro Tree Service has been there and done that. In this industry, new businesses seem to pop up out of nowhere on a regular basis. What many homeowners don’t realize, though, is that few of these businesses are properly licensed, insured, and bonded.

At Pro Tree, we take pride in ensuring a hassle-free experience for the customer. For one thing, there are no hidden fees or gimmicks with our pricing. Plus, our operations are open year-round.

Before getting started with your dream treehouse, we invite you to get in touch with Pro Tree Service. We handle everything from land clearing to tree removal.

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