Famous People From Indooroopilly, QLD

Indooroopilly, QLD is a vibrant and charming suburb located in the heart of Queensland. Home to some of Brisbane’s most popular attractions and hotspots, it is no wonder that this bustling region has produced many remarkable people. This blog post will explore the lives of some of Indooroopilly’s most famous residents – from sports stars to successful businesspeople, these individuals have gone on to make an impact not just on their beloved community but also beyond.

Matthew Hayden

Sports Greats

Indooroopilly has been the home of several iconic sporting figures over the years. One such figure is cricketing legend Matthew Hayden, who lived in Indooroopilly as a child and went on to become one of Australia’s greatest batsmen. A key member of Australia’s 2003 World Cup victory, Hayden scored more than 10,000 runs in his illustrious career and was inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame in 2017.

Cricketing legend Matthew Hayden of Indooroopilly blazed a trail for cricket players in Queensland and Australia for more than two decades. His tenacity, courage and cricketing ability made him one of the most feared batsmen to ever grace cricket pitches. At 6ft 4in tall with a menacing stance at the crease, it was his raw power and striking prowess that made him one of cricket’s biggest names. From representing Australia in three cricket World Cups to becoming Queensland cricket’s first-ever $1 million man, Hayden will go down as one of Australia’s best cricket players. Even today, he continues to inspire cricket athletes from Indooroopilly onwards in pursuit of their cricket dreams.

Another notable sports star to emerge from Indooroopilly is former Brisbane Roar soccer player Besart Berisha. Born in Kosovo but raised in Indooroopilly after his family moved there when he was a child, Berisha went on to win three A-League championships with the Roar and was awarded the Golden Boot Award for being the league’s top goalscorer in 2011-12 season. Berisha now plays for Melbourne Victory and continues to be one of Australia’s leading footballers.

Business Leaders

John O’Sullivan is another individual who hails from Indooroopilly and has gone on to achieve incredible success. After working as an engineer at Boeing, he established a property development company which landed him two prestigious awards: Property Council’s Development Excellence Awards in 2012 and 2013 respectively. O Sullivan has since shifted his focus onto educational projects, founding ‘Generation Education Movement’ – an initiative aiming at inspiring children about education opportunities available for them both locally and globally.

John O’Sullivan of Indooroopilly is an inspirational figure. He is renowned for his friendly demeanor and willingness to share his knowledge and experience with everyone around him. John has been a mainstay in the community, always lending a willing hand to those in need of advice or assistance. His dedication and kindness have been vital to the success of many projects over the years. John’s engaging character has made him popular among young and old alike, earning him respect from all corners of the area. John O’Sullivan of Indooroopilly is truly an asset to the local scene.

Entertainment Icons

Indooroopilly is also known for producing entertainment icons such as singer/songwriter Natalie Imbruglia – who grew up in nearby Taringa before moving back to her hometown at age 17 where she started performing gigs around town pubs and clubs before eventually becoming a global superstar with her hit single ‘Torn’. Imbruglia continues to write music even today; her latest album Female was released last year amidst much fanfare and critical acclaim.

Natalie Imbruglia has had a storied career in music and the entertainment industry. Raised in Sydney, Natalie rose to global fame after her debut album Left Of The Middle was released in 1997, reaching number one in 10 countries around the world. Natalie’s subsequent albums consolidated her international fan base, and she is still touring today with her Fight for Love World Tour beginning February 2020. Natalie has also ventured into acting; she starred alongside Colin Firth in 2008’s thriller Trauma, and made an appearance on Melbourne-based soap Neighbours in 2015. Natalie has earned recognition worldwide not only as a singer-songwriter, but also as a fashion icon. It seems that Natalie Imbruglia of Indooroopilly will continue to remain relevant and successful throughout any future she chooses!

Theatre director Neil Armfield also spent his teenage years growing up in Indooroopilly where he attended Marist College Ashgrove before forging an impressive career directing theatre works such as The Secret River (which won multiple Helpmann Awards) alongside iconic shows like Cate Blanchett’s adaptation of Hedda Gabler. Armfield has since enjoyed great success internationally; earning Tony Award nominations for his work with beloved musicals like Angels In America: Millennium Approaches (which won him a Drama Desk Award). If you’re ever in Indooroopilly, Queensland be sure to check out one of their annual events! There’s something for everyone whether you enjoy live music, want to support a good cause or simply love trying new foods. And if we’ve missed any annual events in Indooroopilly, Queensland, let us know in the comments below!


As this blog post has explored, Indooroopilly boasts an impressive list of prominent names whose careers span across various fields such as sport, business, entertainment etc; all having achieved much recognition both nationally as well as internationally for their respective contributions towards making this world a better place . It is clear that living in this vibrant suburb encourages its residents by providing them with ample opportunities for growth– something that all its famous inhabitants are certainly testament too!

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