Gumleaf Park Delights Redbank Plains Residents

Residents of Redbank Plains have been delighted with the recent upgrades to Gumleaf Park, with a range of new features adding to the park’s attractiveness. Ipswich City Council has completed the works, providing locals with a safe and inviting place to relax, play and connect.

New Features at Gumleaf Park

Gumleaf ParkThe new two metre wide footpath is one of the most notable additions to the park. It provides a paved surface for strolling, cycling or scooting in comfort and safety. New timber bollards also help define pathways within the park as well as provide additional safety measures for pedestrians.

Park furniture has been installed at several locations around the park making it an attractive spot for picnics or social gatherings. The furniture includes tables, chairs and benches that invite people to linger in this peaceful spot.

Additional lighting has been added to an existing shelter allowing locals to make use of it during daylight savings time when evenings are still light but not quite dark enough for outdoor activities without illumination.

Landscaping has made Gumleaf Park greener than ever with plantings of trees, shrubs and flowers adding colour and life to enhance its beauty and visual appeal. Existing playground equipment was removed and replaced providing children with some exciting new play opportunities including swings, slides and climbing frames.

  • Benefits Of Upgraded Park

Residents are very appreciative of the council’s efforts to upgrade Gumleaf Park making it more accessible for all members of the community including those who may have limited mobility due to age or disability thanks to its widened paths.

  • Better Connectivity For Community Members

The upgraded features provide opportunities for community members who may not be able or willing to come together in other settings such as churches or pubs. The park’s improved connectivity makes it much easier for people from diverse backgrounds and ages to come together in a shared space either casually or through organised events such as fitness classes or movie nights thanks to its improved lighting system which allows evening activities throughout daylight savings time which is typically during summer months here on Australia’s east coast.

  • Improved Quality Of Life For Local Residents

In addition to being enjoyable places where friends can meet up outdoors, parks like Gumleaf can also benefit local residents with improved quality of life outcomes such as increased physical activity levels due to increased access for exercise-based activities such as running trails around the perimeter of the park, jogging on its wide pavements or kicking balls around on its grassy areas where possible if there are no organised sports taking place at any given time. Improved mental health outcomes can also result from spending time outdoors amongst nature providing an escape from stressful everyday environments like work spaces or overly busy family homes filled with too much screen time that can lead feeling overwhelmed mentally by modern life’s hustle-and-bustle chaos!

The council is looking forward to seeing residents make use of the upgraded amenities provided at Gumleaf Park while connecting with their neighbours in a relaxed atmosphere. So why not head down soon and take advantage of this wonderful newly invigorated destination here in Redbank Plains? Set on 52 hectares of land, Redbank Plains Recreation Reserve is a great spot for a weekend picnic or BBQ with friends. With plenty of open space, it’s also perfect for a game of cricket or touch footy. And if you’re looking to get active, there are walking and cycling tracks nearby.

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