Take a Trip to Ipswich Art Gallery – Explore Unique Exhibitions, Events and Activities

The Ipswich Art Gallery is an exciting place to explore, offering visitors a vibrant program of changing exhibitions, heritage displays and special events. Located in the heart of Ipswich, Queensland, the gallery showcases contemporary art from Australia and around the world. Not only does it offer visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy works of art by established and emerging artists, but there are also family activities as well as performances and workshops. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekend or just want to take in some fascinating pieces of art, the Ipswich Art Gallery has something for everyone.

A Look at the Changing Exhibitions

The Ipswich Art Gallery is renowned for its ever-changing exhibitions that provide an alluring way to experience art. Each exhibition brings new and imaginative works of art with an emphasis on regional and international contemporary art practice. Some exhibits have featured paintings, sculptures, photography, video installations and more. Themed shows often revolve around particular mediums or topics such as history or nature. Visitors can always find something to admire among these diverse exhibitions that tantalize the senses with their beauty and creativity.


Family Fun at the Gallery

The gallery also offers activities designed specifically for families so that everyone can enjoy themselves. On certain days throughout the year there are special events where families can participate in creative activities such as making collages or exploring hands-on science experiments related to artworks on display in the galleries. Kids will love getting involved with interactive projects that promote problem solving skills while they explore their surroundings. Games like spinning discs and supersized Spirographs bring out each kid’s inner artist so they can create one-of-a-kind drawings with the Drawing Machines!

Performances & Workshops

In addition to its exhibitions and family activities, visitors can take part in complementary performances and workshops hosted at the gallery throughout different times of year. These include musical acts from local bands as well as classes where participants learn about different techniques used by artists around the world such as drawing skillshops or printmaking classes led by experienced instructors from within the community who share their passion for creating beautiful works of art with others.  The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich is another wonderful place to check out on you next visit to the area.

Visiting Ipswich Art Gallery

The Ipswich Art Gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am until 5pm with extended hours during school holidays so you’ll never miss out on any of its exciting offerings! Admission is free so it’s easy to make frequent visits since there’s always something new available during every visit – whether it’s a striking piece of artwork or an engaging activity perfect for kids – so check out what’s happening today at this one-of-a-kind gallery located right in your own backyard!


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