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Palm trees are one of the most exotic, loveable trees you can have around, but only when they are in good condition. If they are unkempt or pose a threat to the environment, then they have to be trimmed or removed.

As with any other kind of tree, the total cost to remove or prune a palm tree depends on several different factors. Before doing any additional research, remember that the utility company should be contacted if the tree is dangerously close to power lines. Although not ideal, this could potentially save you a lot of money if you don’t have to pay for it and the utility company will remove the palm tree for you. Learn the important considerations regarding palm tree removal and trimming costs below.

Palm Tree Removal Cost (Hiring a Pro Service)

Palm Tree Removal Cost (Hiring a Pro Service)

Hiring a pro service is the safest way of removing any palm tree. The taller the tree, the riskier the job; therefore, we recommend getting help from professionals.

Palm trees add value to the property, but there are some instances where you may need to remove some; if they pose a threat to people or property, if they are diseased, begin to shed their leaves, etc.

How Much Does Palm Tree Removal Cost?

Most services charge tree removal according to the size of the tree and the number of hours it takes. This loosely translates into between $350 and $2,500 for palm tree removal. It can even take up to a day, depending on the situation.

Removing palm trees with quick access costs averagely between $200 and $1,500 for each tree.

To determine the exact quote, there is a need for the contractor to do an onsite safety assessment. This helps identify any potential risks that you might overlook. He or she has to factor in all risks when pricing.

They can also advise on the safest approach, therefore, reducing their charges.

To help you understand more, let’s consider two main palm tree species common.

1. Cocos palm tree removal cost

Cocos palm tree is the most common palm tree species. If you have one and you want it removed, consider the following figures;

For those with ease access, you can expect to spend;

  • $200 for a small tree
  • $350 for medium-sized trees
  • $600 for large trees

Small Cocos palm trees range from 0 to 5m, the medium size between 5m and 8mand large trees over 8m.

For those trees that are hard to access, you can budget for an extra $50 to $100 for small and medium-sized trees.

2. Premium palm tree removal cost

The premium palm trees are tricky to remove because they have a larger trunk, sharp pines, and venom-covered tips.

For premium palm trees with good access, it costs you

  • $200 for Alexander\ Alexandra palm trees
  • $600 for the cabbage palms
  • $1,000 for cotton palms
  • $1,500 for Canary Island palms

Extra Costs

The numbers presented above are the basic prices of tree removal services. Expect to incur extra costs when you go asking for quotes. You might also get discounts from some service providers.

Most of the figures stated above are what you pay for a single tree. Some of the additional costs to add on are transportation, stump grinding, waste removal, and many more. Stump grinding is the most common, and for this, you can budget an extra $50 for each tree.

Money-Saving Tips

  1. Opt for contractors charging per hour if you have younger trees and those charging per tree if you have mature trees.
  2. Also, get your palm removed when there is a low demand for tree removal services. This way you get to enjoy specific discounts. Only do this if the tree poses no threat at all.
  3. Get several quotes from different tree removal companies.
  4. Opt to do some of the work yourself. This includes debris clearing and waste disposal.

Why Should I Hire A Pro Service Removal Team?

Some of the benefits of getting a pro service team is that;

  1. It is the safest method. Any weight from the palm tree, if not adequately controlled, can cause serious bodily harm. It is less risky if you get a pro service team as they are much more experienced.
  2. It saves you time. The time you would have spent looking for a tree removal permit and strategizing could be spent elsewhere. The service providers have their permits and strategies ready.
  3. You get extra advice from the professionals. During their assessment, they can advise on the best way to conduct the removal. They can also provide other alternatives to handling your situation other than removal.
  4. During their visit, they can identify potential risks that you might overlook or are unaware of.

Other Factors that Determine the Cost of Palm Tree Removal

Various factors add to the overall cost of tree removal. Pro service providers put into consideration the following when pricing;

  • The height of the tree; the higher the tree, the higher the cost.
  • The type/species of your tree.
  • Trunk’s diameter.
  • The state of the tree; is it healthy or diseased
  • Your tree’s location.
  • The proximity to the power line and other hazards.
  • Its accessibility.
  • The time of the year.
  • The weather.
  • The type of terrain.

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