Robelle Domain: A Paradise for Brisbane Kids

Robelle Domain is the ultimate playground for Brisbane Kids living near Ipswich QLD, situated in Springfield on 24 hectares and offering 11km of boardwalks, sporting fields, walking tracks and playgrounds. With an abundance of features and activities available, Robelle Domain is truly a paradise for any kid looking to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors.  This tranquil place is similar to Riverheart Parklands which is another very popular local haunt.

A Playground with Something For Everyone

Robelle Domain has plenty to offer when it comes to play areas. There are lots of water activities available, including two splash parks where kids can cool off in summer while they play in the jets and fountains. The interactive playground also offers a range of features such as slides, swings and climbing frames which will keep children entertained for hours on end. Families with younger children can also take advantage of the baby swing sets and toddler play area.

Sports & Recreation at Robelle Domain

Robelle Domain doesn’t just cater to kids who love playing in the park; it also provides opportunities for sports fans too! There are four large sports fields which can be used for cricket, soccer or rugby matches – perfect for those who want to get active outdoors. In addition, there are four tennis courts and several walking/running tracks located around the park which make it ideal for those who prefer to go jogging or take a leisurely stroll with their family.

Events & Community Activities at Robelle Domain

Robelle Domain isn’t just about providing a place where Brisbane Kids can have fun – it’s also about providing members of the community with an opportunity to come together and celebrate special occasions or participate in events. Throughout the year there are various events held at Robelle domain including markets, car boot sales, music festivals and movie nights all open to members of the public. Additionally, local schools often use this space as part of their curriculum to teach students about nature conservation or give them a chance to explore more about their environment through hands-on experiences.

Picnics & BBQ Facilities at Robelle Domain

Robelle domain provides facilities such as picnic tables and BBQs that are free-of-charge so families or groups can easily bring along food and drinks with them if they plan on spending a longer period of time at the park. Not only that but there is plenty of grassy areas surrounding these facilities which makes them perfect spots for laying out blankets or even setting up tents if camping trips are your thing!


Overall Robelle domain is an amazing recreational facility situated within Brisbane that offers something unique compared to other parks around Australia. Not only does it provide children with endless fun activities but it also encourages members of the community – both young and old – to get involved in sports & recreation activities as well as partake in events & gatherings held throughout the year. Picnic & BBQ facilities make it all too easy for families or groups wanting spend some quality time together surrounded by nature’s beauty!



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