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Since the life has discovered on Earth, trees have furnished us with two of life’s essentials, oxygen, and food. They also provide other necessities such as medicine, shelter, and tools. Today, their value continue to increase.

Summer, spring, winter or fall! Every season brings a change to your yard and with each season the trees and shrubs change their growth and shape.

Tree trimming and pruning encourages air circulation that reduces disease extent and the possibility of damage from high winds. Tree trimming also removes an unhealthy or dangerous branch that can easily fail in severe weather and allows more sunlight to reach your brake plants. Whether you need tree pruning, tree trimming, or tree removal , you must hire an experienced professional to help you deal with the trees, stumps and shrubs in and around your yard.

Love Your Trees? Choose Your Arborist Wisely.

Along with owning a home comes a long list of upkeep duties. If you have trees on your property, caring for those trees is going to be an important task on that list. We know – you’re busy and you have a lot of “to-dos” already, and proper tree care might not seem like a high priority. We’re definitely not trying to make your life harder! But good looking, healthy trees can add a lot of $$$ to your property value and boost your curb appeal. Not to mention, trees improve our air quality, reduce your utility bills, help create privacy and make outdoor activities bearable in summer. On the other other hand, unhealthy, structurally unsound trees can pose a big threat to your property and your family.

Luckily, there are skilled professionals whose job it is to take the worry out of your tree care and cross it off your to-do list. Yet, hiring the right tree company can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, there are many companies operating in the area that present themselves as experienced tree care companies, but who have little to no experience, or skill, to do the job right. With all the cards for tree services left on your doorstep, how do you choose the right person for the job?


If a random guy in a truck with a chainsaw knocks on your door offering to “trim your trees”, just back away and close the door!

Just as you would research a doctor to care for you, your family or even a pet, researching your tree care provider is advisable. Hire with confidence by learning how to recognize quality tree care companies.

  • A qualified professional tree care company will not solicit your business by taping a business card to your door or mailbox.
  • They will not demand payment prior to starting work or sell you on a job without a written estimate or work order to be seen and signed by you.
  • They have the equipment to do the job right. A ladder does not constitute the right equipment!

What to look for in a tree care partner:

The company is staffed with experienced and certified professionals. Preferably, the company will employ certified arborists who have degrees in arboriculture, urban forestry, biology, botany or a related green industry field. In addition to degrees and certifications, arborists should have a good number of years of experience under their belts.

Check to be sure the company you are researching is insured. Finding out a company is not properly insured after they’ve damaged your property is never a good surprise. Properly trained crews will pay attention to your gutters, fences, flower beds and garden art to be sure none are damaged while pruning or removing a tree. Don’t be afraid to ask to see current certificates of liability and workers’ compensation insurance, if applicable.

Take a look at their website. A quality tree care company is going to be just as invested in your knowledge and education about trees as they are in providing you good tree care services. The more you know about trees, the better the partnership you’ll have. Look for detailed information about who the company is, their philosophy, their staff, service specifics and content, to help you make better tree care choices. Be sure you can identify the company’s professional accreditation, certifications and insurance statement.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references to verify quality of service and work. Before starting the job, ask for a signed proposal or work order that provides details about what work will be performed on your property. If there are additional services that come up from unforeseen problems, they should be discussed with you before additional work is performed.

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