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Limbs are usually cut to provide air circulation within the tree, keep the branches off the ground, remove dead limbs and get rid of the disease. However, if you are just trying to maintain a certain height and spacing with your tree, then it might seem like trimming your tree is sometimes a constant battle. To keep from cutting the ends of the same limbs over and over, stop them from regrowing.

You can dictate the shape of a tree without causing damage to the tree by adequately cutting the branches to prevent new growth. Tree branches are usually cut when the tree is at its dormant season.

How to Stop Tree Branches from Growing Back

How to Stop Tree Branches from Growing Back

Tree branches tend to grow branches around the bottom of the trunk, which tends to be counterproductive. As they consume nutrients without necessarily contributing to the production of chlorophyll as they have limited access to direct sunlight. For this reason, it is necessary to trim them. But if not pruned properly, they may grow back. So how do you stop tree branches from growing again?

Stop Trees From Growing Back After Pruning

First, you need to cut the branch in a straight angle to discourage regrowth. Angled pruning cuts encourage branch growth. Cut the limb below the leaf node to prevent it from getting any nutrients necessary for growth. This will stop it from growing again.

Then you need to mix sucker growth inhibitor diluted in water as per the manufacturer’s instructions and apply it to the cut tree limb stub. Use a paintbrush and be generous to diminish all chances of branch regrowth.

You will need to reapply the growth inhibitor again in a few days to make sure that a new branch does not sprout in the same spot. You will also need to cut off any fresh sprouts and coat the areas with a growth inhibitor. Over time, the stub will become growth hardy.

Do Branches Grow Back After Pruning?

A new branch grows in its place. New buds may sprout at the same spot and develop into new branches. But if you prune your tree correctly and top the buds, then they will not develop into branches. It would help if you also sealed the spot after pruning to prevent a new branch from growing.

Sealing Tree Limbs After Cutting

Step 1: Remove jagged edges and debris from the tree limb stub

Step 2: Use liquid pruning sealer to coat the stub using a paintbrush

Step 3: Wait for the sealer to dry and inspect to see if you need to apply another coat of sealer

For larger branches, cut them off using a saw and cut them from the lower and upper side to avoid the cut getting angled. Which may lead to new branch growth. You should also not cut branches that are central to the tree’s support system as this may stunt the tress growth or cause it to grow in a stunted manner. Always use a clean brush to apply the sealer or growth inhibitor to avoid infecting the tree. And causing it to rot.

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