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Our qualified arborists are a team of professional tree loppers that you can rely on when it comes to tree trimming, tree removal or stump removal & grinding. Our tree lopping services are fully insured and our staff are constantly upgrading their certifications to ensure you get the safest tree service possible. We provide all types of tree maintenance services in Brisbane Southside, whether it’s tree trimming, tree removal, or stump grinding.  No job is too big or small and call us now for a no obligation free quote.

AAA Tree Lopping has a good reputation among the people of Brisbane. We have provided quality work for each of our customers. Our tree services provide great service covering all tree maintenance services – hedge and tree lopping, trimming and pruning, tree removal and stump removal – across the Brisbane Region and surrounding areas. Safety, reliability, affordability, and professionalism is what we do– call us today   We are dedicated to providing professional tree services to Brisbane South side residents that you have come to know and expect.  For a free quote contact us today.

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 Tree PRUNING BRisbane Southside

Tree pruning and maintenance is important to keep your property clean, from falling twigs and dry leaves. Regular tree trimming has many benefits, it reduces the chances of one the dead branches falling down and hurting one of your loved ones. Regular tree pruning can also promote growth of new leaves and maintain the health of the tree. If you have the tree in your garden, you would want to keep it in good health to maintain the aesthetics. In fact, expert arborists suggest tree pruning is part of essential tree maintenance.

Oftentimes tree branches grow towards the window or the roof and damage it. Do not try to deal with the tree problem yourself, without proper tools and knowledge you could severely hurt yourself. Our arborists and professional tree lopping experts know how to prune the tree keeping everyone’s safety in mind. We guarantee you that with regular tree maintenance your trees will remain healthy and compliment and increase your property value. For a professional tree pruning service in Brisbane South and surrounding suburbs call us today for a free quote.

STUMP GRINDING BRisbane Southside

Once a tree has been removed from your property, stumps that are left behind look ugly and pose an obstruction. Stump grinding is commonly needed for landscaping purposes, and construction purposes. Stump grinding is an less invasive way to get rid of the stump from your yard. The stump is grinded into the ground with a grinding equipment. Once the stump is flat, the roots disintegrate into the ground after a few years without you noticing.

Is it far easier than having to remove the stump by digging it out of the ground and destroying your backyard or landscape. Our staff will come for your service no matter where your location is in Brisbane South and surrounding suburbs. We work for residences as well as commercial properties like schools, government buildings, public gardens, parks etc. No matter how small or big the project is we will give it equal priority and do the work to your satisfaction. Regular tree maintenance is critical.

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Storms can dislodge trees from the ground, or break them from the middle etc. Trees that are damaged from storms pose a threat of falling down at any time. Keeping such on the property is not safe for your family or neighbours. Such trees need to be taken care of immediately or they might end up hurting someone, or damaging your property.

AAA Tree Lopping Brisbane arborists provides emergency tree service service to Brisbane south and surrounding suburbs. We have an emergency team who gets to you as soon as possible when you have a tree that needs to be dealt with immediately or for routine tree maintenance.

Our emergency tree lopping expertise makes sure we solve the tree problem before it can hurt anyone. We are one of the few companies that provide emergency response after a storm damage. Do not risk the safety of your family, call our emergency team in case of an emergency tree lopping service required.

Land Clearing 

Whether you are landscaping, gardening or preparing your backyard for a birthday party, clearing the land is essential to be able to use it. Bushes, fallen twigs, disruption after a storm can make your backyard look unruly.

Our tree lopping teams come with heavy machinery and essential tools to perform tree maintenance quickly and with efficiency. We have heavy duty chainsaws, cranes, Tractors, Bull Hogs etc. We come prepared on the field when you hire us for professional tree service. No matter how big or small the land is we get the job done. We have the experience and the knowledge to perform effective work. We will not leave behind chips, twigs, leaves, branches etc once we are done. We will take all the debris to the nearest landfill by our trucks. We will get permission from concerned authority before starting our work so you don’t have to get into trouble.

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Palm Tree Removal Ipswich

Palm Tree Removal Brisbane – NEAR ME

Some of the reasons why you might consider removing palm tree from your residential or commercial property can be:

If the tree roots are destroying structure around it.

If the tree has died, there are no leaves and the stump is hollow, it can fall down during a storm and hurt someone.
Trees that are obstructive and coming in way of your house or building.

Palm tree removal for construction of new structures such as extending the building or constructing a pool etc.

AAA Tree Lopping Brisbane provides professional tree removal service at your location. Our tree removal experts know how to cut and remove palm trees without getting anyone hurt in the process. We make sure to clear out the surrounding before cutting the trees safely. In busy places we take extra precautions, so the our tree maintenance does not pose any risk to a person or property nearby.

Tree Removal SErvices Brisbane Southside QLD

Tree removal may become necessary due to several reasons. The tree may be dead and weak from the bottom. The tree might be growing towards your house and destroying the structure. The roots of the tree might be destroying the underground pipelines. You need the area where the tree is growing for some purpose. Whatever might be the reason you need a reliable Tree removal professional at your service.

No matter the type of tree we will get it removed safely for you. One of the common trees we remove is Gum tree, they have a strong stump and deep roots that makes the removal difficult but at AAA Tree Lopping pros, no work is too difficult for us.  Our workers go through extensive tree removal training to carry out effective tree removal from residential as well as commercial properties. Our team not only removes the tree and ongoing tree maintenance but gets rid of debris as well. We can remove the stump afterwards for a complete clearing.

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South Brisbane is an inner southern suburb in the City of BrisbaneQueensland, Australia.[3] In the 2016 census, South Brisbane had a population of 7,196 people. The suburb is on the southern bank of the Brisbane River, bounded to the north-west, north, and east by the median of the river.[4] The river to the east of the suburb is the South Brisbane Reach.(27.4738°S 153.0222°E).[5] The suburb is directly connected to the central business district across the river by the following bridges (upstream to downstream):

How much does it cost to cut down a gum tree?

The cost to cut down a gum tree can be as low as $250 and as high as $4000 if it’s a commercial project with multiple trees. To be sure you will have to contact our team and we can provide you a free estimate.

What should it cost to cut down a tree?

The average price for cutting down a tree is $900. It can be low if it’s a small tree in your open back yard or higher if it is a commercial project and the tree is in the middle of a busy street.

How Do You Price Tree Work?

Trees can vary in size, length and structure. The location could be in the middle of an empty yard or beside a busy road. The cost of removing a tree will differ by the size and shape of the tree and the location of it as well. The tools, machines and men power will differ according to all these factors. For example a tree in a busy area would need part by part removal so it does not fall on structures, cars, or passerbys.


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