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Choosing to remove the stump of a removed tree can benefit the property in multiple ways besides the lack of them being aesthetically pleasing.  Stumps left to decay for decades on a landscaped property can promote the establishment of termites and other pests including harmful fungus’s.  Stumps from elm trees, maples, willow, and other vigorous species typically sprout suckers and waterspouts which can grow six feet plus a year requiring constant removal, waterspouts may also pop up from other locations on the root network such as in the middle of your lawn.   Choosing to have a stump ground out is a non invasive to surrounding plants and structures which solves these problems without over compacting soil and ripping up unnecessary surrounding areas.

5 Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stump on green grass in the garden. Old tree stump in the summer park.

When you have a tree cut down, chances are the stump will be left behind. Even if it’s small, you may have thought about having it removed. Here are some benefits of calling a tree services expert to grind it up.

Why You Should Get Tree Stump Removal

1. Gain Curb Appeal

Stumps are unsightly, and the eye is often immediately drawn to them. As remnants of a tree minus the lush vegetation that made them nice to look at, stumps don’t add anything visually to your property. Having them ground up gives your lawn more curb appeal.

2. Keep Your Lawn Healthier 

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When left around, a stump may begin to rot. Any fungus or mold growing on it can transfer to the lawn, or nearby trees, bushes, and flowers. By removing it, you instantly boost the health of all plant life in the immediate vicinity. 

3. Free Up Space

Stumps are bulky, and they often take up a decent chunk of space. This is space that could be used to plant new trees, plant gardens, set up hardscapes, build gazebos, or invest in many other improvements. Have a tree services expert remove the stump, so you have room for something better.

4. Deter Pests

A stump on your property is bound to attract termites, beetles, and other wood-boring insects. If you want to stop these critters from crawling around on your property, remove the stump that’s attracting them. 

5. Remove a Trip Hazard

Because of their low profile and far-reaching roots, stumps can be a tripping risk. They’re especially dangerous for children, the elderly, or anyone with mobility issues. By getting a tree services expert to remove yours, you make your yard safer and avoid potential liability.

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