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It’s gorgeous, healthy and well-loved. A tree that provides enjoyment, beauty and shade to your outdoor landscaping or indoor haven can be propagated fairly easily. This will generate an identical specimen that can be replanted indoors or out. While it seems simple to start a new tree from a single branch, it does take some understanding of the workings of a tree as well as the best water and light conditions to get the most robust roots to grow from a cut tree branch.

Can a Broken Tree Branch Grow Roots?

Can a Broken Tree Branch Grow Roots

There are several reasons why a tree branch can get broken. A tree branch can accidentally be broken by either hurricane or other domestic accidents that occur at home, such as kids running over plants. A tree branch can also get broken intentionally for propagation and reproduction.

The question, however, remains; can a broken tree branch grow roots? The answer is YES. However, it also depends on how the tree branch was broken and the aftercare the tree received.

That said, if you are seeking clarity on whether a broken tree branch can grow roots and how you can ensure that the roots appear as at when due, please continue reading.

Can a Broken Tree Branch Grow Roots?

Yes, a broken tree branch can grow roots. Getting a broken branch to grow roots will only cost a little money, a short time, and a lot of patience.

Growing a tree from broken branches is usually more successful than growing a tree from seeds. A broken tree branch with well-formed roots grows to form an identical plant as the parent plant. Broken branches from trees that are less than a year older usually grow roots faster than older broken tree branches.

How to Get a Broken Tree Branch Grow Roots

How to Get a Broken Tree Branch Grow Roots

As earlier stated, a tree branch can either get broken by accident or on purpose. So, to get the broken tree branch to grow roots, you must find the manner in which the branch was broken, this will enable you to follow it up accordingly.

Since the intentional manner of breaking a tree branch is a method of propagation, and we must be familiar with such a method of plant propagation.

Therefore, we shall look at how to get a broken tree branch to grow roots in the case of accidental breakages, such as after a hurricane or accident.

When a hurricane occurs, trees fell, and tree branches get broken. After the hurricane, take up the fallen trees and stand them erect with stakes. After that, you should look out for broken tree branches. When you find the broken tree branches, you can either carry out a ‘removal cut’ on them or a ‘reduction cut.’

A removal cut removes a broken branch from the parent branch. This method is used to remove broken and hanging branches, so that the branches do not hurt anyone by falling off and that the branches can be re-grown to bear identical parent tree.

A reduction cut is different from removal cut because it shortens the length of a stem by pruning back to a smaller branch known as a lateral branch.

A lateral branch should be at least 1/3rd of the diameter of the stem is cut. A reduction cut is used to make clean cuts behind the jagged edges of the broken tree branches.

After cutting the branch, the next essential care tips include controlling water, light exposure, and the type of container to grow the broken branch. Freshly cut branches need a lot of water to help them grow roots that would help them either thrive or get successfully transplanted.

If the cut branch is single, then you might need a flower pot to grow it in, otherwise grow it in the soil and carry out the necessary care tips. While growing the branch in a pot, cover the bottom of the pot with a transparent plastic bag.

The bag is put in place to maintain a high level of humidity while making it easier for you to monitor the water level and drainage. Ensure that there are holes at the base of the plastic bags. The holes would ensure that the water doesn’t become rancid.

The branch would also need an adequate supply of bright light but not direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will make them struggle and even wilt some of the leaves.

With adequate care and maintenance, within a few weeks to months, the branch would start growing roots. Once the roots have grown long, thicker, and healthier with better vitality, the branch, which is now a young tree, is ready to get transplanted. Now you can begin to tend the branch as a new tree.


One of the best tips to apply when trying to get a broken tree branch to grow roots is to cut as many branches as possible, especially if you are new to this type of propagation.

The idea here is that at the end of the day, you would have some healthy plants left, should some of the branches do not grow roots.

Additionally, immediately you take out the branch from the tree, make sure to start processing it to prevent it from drying out. Broken tree branches usually take up to at least three months to grow healthy and well-developed roots.

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