Famous People from Kenmore, Queensland

Kenmore, Queensland is an affluent suburb in the City of Brisbane located approximately 9 kilometres (5.6 miles) west-southwest of the CBD. It is home to some of Australia’s most iconic personalities, ranging from world-renowned athletes and entertainers to esteemed academics and business leaders. Here are just a few of the notable figures who have emerged from this charming community.


Joshua Michael Thomas – Comedian, Actor, & Writer

One of Kenmore’s most celebrated sons is Joshua Michael Thomas, an award-winning comedian, actor and writer. Born on 26 May 1987, Thomas rose to fame in 2005 when he won the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s prestigious Raw Comedy Competition. Since then, he has become a regular on Network Ten’s popular series Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, as well as appearing in various other television shows and movies such as Please Like Me which he created himself and starred in. In 2013, his work was recognized with two AACTA awards for Best Comedy Program and Best Performance in a Television Comedy. Joshua Michael Thomas has been making waves in the entertainment world since he became a stand up comedian at the age of 16. Joshua draws in audiences with his unique and creative style of comedy, often incorporating elements of absurdity and farce into his performances. Joshua is also an established actor, appearing in several sitcoms, films, and TV shows. Not only that, Joshua is a talented writer responsible for writing some of the shows he has featured on. Joshua is continuing to move forward in his career and there’s no telling what new heights of success he’ll reach next.

Cathy Freeman – Olympic Athlete & World Champion Sprinter

Another famous name that hails from Kenmore is Cathy Freeman, one of Australia’s most successful Olympians. Having shown promise as a sportswoman at an early age, she started running professionally in 1991 after being selected for the Australian team for the World Junior Championship in Athletics where she won gold medals for both 200m sprint and 4x400m relay events. She went on to gain global recognition by winning hundreds of medals throughout her long career including silver at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and gold at 2000 Sydney Olympics for 400m sprint event – making her the first indigenous person to ever win an individual Olympic gold medal. Cathy Freeman is an inspirational figure in the sporting world. An Olympic gold medalist and World Champion sprinter, Cathy will always be remembered for her incredible achievements. Cathy set six national records and won a remarkable 41 consecutive races from 1995 to 1998. She triumphed at the Sydney Olympics Games in 2000 when she won the 400m gold medal and was proudly celebrated by her home nation of Australia. Her proudest achievement however, was being one of only four flagbearers from her country to bear the Australian flag during an Olympic opening ceremony – a fitting acknowledgement for Cathy’s outstanding athletic career.

Troy Cassar-Daley – Country Music Singer & Songwriter

Troy Cassar-Daley is another prominent member of Kenmore’s community who has made it big nationally and internationally through music. A multi-award winning singer/songwriter with strong links to his Gadigal heritage, Cassar-Daley began playing guitar when he was six years old before releasing his debut album titled Dream Out Loud in 1994. He went on to win four ARIA Awards; seven CMAA Country Music Awards; multiple Golden Guitar Awards; one APRA Award, among others; establishing himself firmly within Australia’s country music scene. He also toured extensively overseas performing at venues like Nashville Tennessee’s renowned Grand Ole Opry House. Troy is able to easily transition between acoustic folk roots, Southern Rock styles and mainstream country influences – often within a single track. His music speaks of being an Aussie battler who carries on in the face of adversity, combined with upbeat optimism for a glorious future for each of us no matter where life takes us. Troy continues to perform across the country and proves time after time why he is an icon of Aussie country music.

In addition to these three celebrated names there are many other notable individuals who have made their mark while hailing from Kenmore including Professor Anne Edwards (a leading specialist in kidney transplantation), Senator Amanda Stoker (a lawyer turned politician), Dr Simon Quilty (combat medic turned medical director), amongst others contributing to various fields whether it be entertainment industry or health care sector etc. These stories highlight how this small but vibrant town has produced some incredible achievers whose talent has been recognised far beyond its borders! Kenmore is a mostly residential suburb close to the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was originally part of the Carroll’s Plantation sugar cane farm before being subdivided in 1869 and officially named Kenmore Park in 1971. The name ‘Kenmore’ comes from an old Scottish estate and means ‘big headland near the sea’. If you have any information on the history of Kenmore, Queensland that you would like to share, please leave us a comment below!

All these successful personalities have played a huge part in bringing worldwide attention towards this suburban area not only helping it promote itself as a great place to live but also inspiring people belonging to different walks of life across Australia that anything can be achieved if you are driven enough!

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