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There are a variety of pests and diseases that can do irreparable damage to the trees that you have on your residential or commercial property. Nutrient deficiencies can also take a toll on your trees if you’re not careful. If you would like to avoid having to deal with these things, we can show you how to make tree pest control more of a priority. Specifically, we offer an environmentally responsible tree care product that’s designed to protect your trees from pests, diseases, and even nutrient deficiencies when used properly.

Benefits of Tree Inoculations or Trunk Injections

What are Inoculations Used For?

Just like humans, trees too require vaccines and immunizations to protect them from harmful diseases, insect infestations and fungal infections. The process of giving medicine to a tree for any reason, is called an inoculation or a trunk injection. There are really tons of problems that tree inoculations could be the solution for, however some of the most common reasons to inoculate or inject a tree include:

  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Pine Wilt
  • Oak Wilt
  • Pythium Diseases
  • Protection from Damaging Insects
  • Apple Scab

Why Trunk Injections Should Be Done By a Professional?

The first reason to have an arborist evaluate your tree and perform the trunk injection is because they are trained to diagnose tree problems and the identify the best possible treatment.  Some tree diseases and even insect infestations cannot be cured with an inoculation.  It’s important to have the proper diagnosis and treatment plan set fourth by a certified arborist.

Certain prescriptions can be harmful if mishandled.  Not only is the proper water to product ratio required, but gloves and protective goggles should be worn at all times.

The most effective area to inject the trunk is all the way at the bottom near the roots.  In some instances, an air spader should be used to uncover the portion of the flare found just below the dirt.  This is where the cambium layer can easily be reached, allowing quicker and more direct access to the vascular system of the tree.

An inoculation requires drilling holes about 1.25″ into the surface of a tree which leaves the tree exposed and vulnerable.  These holes should be done with great care, so that the tree can heal quickly once the medicine has been administered.  Creating holes that are too wide, too deep, or at the wrong angle could have harmful effects to a tree’s health.

Should I Have Tree Injections Done?

The answer is, have your tree evaluated by an arborist before committing to any treatment plan.  If and why you inject your tree depends greatly on your geographical location, the age and type of tree as well as what the known threats are at the time.  There are countless benefits to Inoculation Treatments, the biggest being that it is the quickest and most effective way of administering a prescription to a mature tree.  A mature and healthy tree has an immeasurable value to you and the environment.  The oxygen it transmits, the shade it provides and the beauty it lets off for years and years to come cannot be measured.  Our advice is to consider preventive treatments so you can enjoy your trees for years to come, and provide a safe and risk free environment for you and your family.

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