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Recently in this space, we discussed the major importance of tree care during the fall season. This transitional period between the summer and winter is vital for everything from tree nutrients to trunk, branch and leaf quality considerations, plus for providing the kinds of protections that allow the trees on your property to stay free of pests and disease during the cold winter ahead.

Why Fall Trunk Injections Are Important

While tree care varies on the time of year, there is no bad time to start considering tree fungus injections. Trunk injections introduce fertilizers and insecticides directly into the xylem of a tree using capsules. This presents an advantage because they ensure the tree is getting 100% of the materials they need without runoff or leaching and the protection they deserve. When it comes to staying on top of tree disease and tree pests, fall tree fungus injections is a must-take precaution.

Fertilizing Trees

Though an injection process can begin anytime throughout the year, the ideal period for treatment is during the fall months. Trees require fewer nutrients in the winter because they’re mostly dormant. Injecting/fertilizing trees during fall will allow the tree to use some of the nutrients to improve and grow roots during the harsh winter weather as protection and store the rest until the spring season. Once the weather changes, the tree will use the stored nutrients to kick-start development.

Winter Pests

Winter pests, such as the emerald ash borer larva and the winter moth, typically are active during the winter months. Severe defoliation and damage under the bark can be caused by these pests. Significant damage can lead to the death of your trees. Tree fungus injecting insecticides in fall helps your tree fight off pests during the season your tree is most susceptible to damage. Limiting infestations will enable your trees to develop healthily during the spring season.

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