An Essential Guide to the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre

Introducing the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre

Located in Ipswich Queensland, Australia, the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre (IVIC) is a must-visit for tourists and travellers. Since being established in 1993, the centre has been helping visitors learn more about the city of Ipswich and surrounding areas. It’s home to passionate volunteers who have more than 1,200 years of combined experience living and working in Ipswich, so they know everything there is to know about this fascinating region.

Open 7 days a week, IVIC provides an invaluable service for anyone visiting their area. They offer free booking services for tours and accommodation as well as maps, brochures and WiFi access. On top of that, they also stock a wonderful selection of local art, hand-made gifts and produce. Furthermore it can help you with your event ticketing needs.

The IVIC is easy to reach by car or caravan with plenty of parking space available. Inside you can enjoy light refreshments or use their accessible friendly restrooms and showers if needed. All these features combined make it the ideal rest stop for any visitor looking to explore all that Ipswich has to offer.  One of their most popular recommendations is Robelle Domain in Springfield QLD.

Free Services on Offer at the Centre

One of IVIC’s main draws is its free tour and accommodation booking services. This makes it an invaluable resource if you’re looking to plan a trip around Ipswich or further afield into regional areas like Brisbane and Toowoomba. The centre also offers maps, brochures and WiFi access for those wanting more detailed information about local attractions or events taking place during their visit.

The centre also stocks an impressive selection of artwork from local artists as well as handmade gifts, produce and products from all over Queensland. With so much painstakingly crafted items on offer you’ll be sure to find something unique that will remind you fondly of your time spent exploring this beautiful part of Australia long after you leave!

Tickets & Events at the Centre

If you’re hoping to attend any events while in Ipswich then look no further than IVIC’s event ticketing service! Whether it’s a sports game at one of our many stadiums or a cultural performance at one our many theatres, IVIC can provide tickets quickly so you never miss out on that essential part of your holiday experience! Additionally they offer discounts on group bookings as well so if you want something extra special why not get your friends involved too?


Overall there isn’t much that IVIC doesn’t offer visitors looking for information about what there is to see and do in Ipswich area – it really does have everything covered! So if you’re ever planning a trip here then be sure to take some time out from sightseeing to pay them a visit – not only will you find out more about what’s going on but discover some truly wonderful handmade gifts too!



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