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Do you have an old tree that needs to be removed? Taking good care of the trees is important to the environment and adds value to the property. The removal of a tree seems easy for the homeowners but as the tree grows and time passes it becomes a difficult task for the homeowners and it even causes the destruction of property. Tree lopping is one of the many forms of tree maintenance that’s commonly associated with arborists. This can be terribly misleading, however, because arborists are NOT tree loppers – at least not if they’re any good. That’s because tree lopping often does more harm than good, and it’s long been considered an unacceptable practice by national tree associations and groups of qualified arborists.

Tree Lopping and Its Multiple Benefits

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Terminology can often confuse regular people, and tree owners are no different. For instance, you might often see a number of tree loppers flashing around without understanding what they do. Well, here is a starter course to understand everything about tree lopping:

Defining Tree Lopping and Tree Loppers

Tree Lopping is generally understood as the removal of large branches from the tree, by making vertical cuts. The term is often confused with pruning; however, there are some differences. While pruning is minute, lopping generally works on a larger scale.

Tree Loppers, as the name suggests, are people responsible for the lopping. They are usually not specialized but come with a long line of experience.

Benefits of Tree Lopping

Among a big list of the benefits of tree lopping, mentioned below are the three main benefits of it.

1) The Health of the Tree:

One common benefit of tree lopping is ensuring the health of the tree. Often branches get decayed and the whole tree stands at the risk of getting infected. Lopping does the same thing that amputation does to humans i.e. removing a part to stop the infection.

2) The Appearance of the Tree:

Another common reason behind tree lopping is maintaining its appearance. While we all love a symmetrical tree, real life is not perfect. Trees often tend to grow in strange directions, giving an overall leaning shape. Through lopping, tree loppers remove the branches leaning on one side, thus giving it a better appearance and removing the excess weight that might contribute to distorting the shape further. The same logic is applied to removing stray branches that outgrow the rest of the tree.

3) Safety:

Most tree lopping Brisbane service providers suggest that safety is by far the most common reason behind tree lopping. Branches that are dead pose the threat of dropping any time, thus injuring people and/or property. For large enough trees, falling off branches can even break power lines. Even if the branches are not dead, they might break due to many other reasons like heavy rain and storm. Availing a tree lopping service would ensure that such branches are removed before they can cause any harm.

Why hire professionals?

Service providers have the experience and skills to engage in this type of activity. Also, experts have appropriate ladders, pruning shears, rope, and other equipment that is required to carry out the job. It is very risky to cut down large trees and climb trees if you are not knowledgeable of pruning and tree cutting techniques. You should look for the best tree lopping utility in the community. Therefore, you should hire the best tree lopping specialist around to conserve time and save money.

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