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Tree trimming is the largest component of maintaining both an aesthetically pleasing and safe environment at your facility. Proper tree care starts with pruning.

Trimming refers to the removal of tree branches, buds or roots as needed to maintain the tree’s optimal health and the safety of people and buildings around them.

Our team of certified arborists can create a custom maintenance plan for you depending on your trees’ and location’s unique needs. We are also Certified Utility Arborists, familiar with all methods of maintaining safety around power lines for any size job.

Tree Trimming: Why It Matters

Perhaps you have grown tired of tree trimming or you simply don’t feel like doing it anymore. If you are thinking about giving up on keeping your foliage pruned, here are some reasons to reconsider.

If you own your home, chances are you’ve hired someone to do tree trimming or have gone outside with some shears or a chainsaw to do it yourself at least a time or two. Perhaps, though, you’ve grown tired of the expense or you simply don’t feel like doing it anymore. After all, trees should know where and how to grow! What gives you the right to trim back nature’s beauty? It isn’t hurting anything, right? Well, unfortunately, this isn’t quite the case. If you are thinking about giving up on keeping your foliage pruned, here are some reasons to reconsider.

Fire Hazard

Untrimmed trees can gather a great deal of dead wood up in the branches. Nothing burns faster than this old wood, and it could lead to a major disaster should your yard be subject to a fire. A lightning strike, arson, or any number of other incidents could lead to a blaze. Tree trimming may not prevent the foliage itself from being damaged, but it can certainly help to prevent the blaze from spreading across the yard and into your house.


Are you starting to feel as though your yard doesn’t get any sunlight? It could be time for a tree trimming. Granted, some people enjoy the Savannah-esque feeling of having their yards and homes enveloped in shadow. But if you are the type of person who would like to see the sunshine once in a while, pruning back those branches can let the light back onto your yard.


If you’ve ever had a big branch drop unceremoniously onto your car, you may know that it can be an expensive incident from which to recover. If the branch in question comes from your own property, you may have a difficult time getting compensation from your insurance company. This is to say nothing of how such an incident would affect someone who had a branch drop on their heads. It is not an overstatement to say that it could result in serious injury or death. Make your property a safe place for people and possessions.

While all of these are important reasons to engage in tree trimming, the truth is that the main reason is for simple aesthetic purposes. Most people would agree that a yard looks best when it is well maintained and cared for. Pruning back branches is a part of that. For best results, get in touch with a landscape company who specializes in pruning trees. You’ll find that, with the right touch, you’ll be pleased with the results.

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