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Avoiding pruning mistakes is easy when you know the proper pruning techniques and, more importantly, why you’re pruning a tree or shrub. Tree and shrub pruning are done for several reasons, such as reducing the size of the plant, opening up the canopy, removing obstructions, enhancing its shape, and removing dead or damaged growth. No matter the reason, pruning must be done correctly to ensure the tree or shrub’s health and continuing vigor.

pruningArborists and aesthetic pruners are trained to understand the growth patterns and physical structure of trees and shrubs. They first evaluate the plant’s overall form, then remove or modify only those branches that are a risk to plant health, a hazard for people or property, or which detract from overall form and character. As every pruning cut is a wound to the plant, one key to successful pruning is to do as little cutting as possible to achieve the desired outcome. The result is a naturally shaped, vigorous plant.

Trees will enhance your front and backyard and its therefore important that they are well maintained. Tree pruning is one of the best ways to enhance and keep your trees healthy. While pruning is considered one of the simplest jobs, it’s critical to ensure that it’s done correctly because it could result in the death of a tree. Find an arborist and let them trim your trees professionally and you can be sure that your yard will look beautiful throughout the year. In this article, we look at tree Pruning mistakes you should avoid.

Tree Pruning Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Topping

Topping is also known as heading, and it’s removing large branches or trunks from the top of the trees. Topping is one of the major mistakes you can make while pruning your trees because it may deform and weaken the tree. Topping will make your tree look ugly, and it may cause it to dry. It’s best to find tree service to prune your trees because topping could also cause safety issues. Once the tree has been topped it becomes, and it could be a safety threat to your family. Instead of topping the arborist will do tree reduction to keep the tree in the right size. Tree reduction will ensure you maintain the aesthetic and the structure of the tree.

  • Improper Cuts

Cutting the tree to close to the main trunk will damage your trees. Cutting the tree so close to the trunk may cause the tree to have a wound that may not heal because of the branch collar which helps in healing. It’s therefore important to let the arborist do the running to avoid damaging the trees in your yard

  • Wrong Timing

It’s important to know when its best to prune your trees. Let the arborist trim the trees for you because they understand the best time to trim each tree. Pruning trees in the wrong season may cause the tree to dry out. Pruning trees in extreme weather may cause the tree to dry out. Avoid pruning trees when it’s extremely hot. Trimming may remove the buds that are crucial for the trees healthy growth. Find arborist services to assess the type of trees in your house and determine when its best to prune your trees.

  • Excess Pruning

Pruning too many branches may damage and weaken your trees. Don’t prune more than 10% off a tree because that weakens it. Removing more than 10% foliage from a tree will weaken the tree and cause it to lose the aesthetic value of a tree. Tree needs the branches for food, transfer of nutrients and support. When pruning let the expert from the tree cutting services company do it, to ensure that your tree remains healthy.

  • Raising the canopy High

Raising the canopy too high is known as lion tailing. Most people cut most of the lower branches to raise the canopy. That results in a tall tree with a bare trunk and little foliage looking like a lions tail. Lion tailing will result in a tall, weak tree that could result in damage especially during winter

Tree Pruning Tips

Below are tips to follow while pruning your trees

  • It’s best to prune trees when they are dormant. The arborist will be able to advise you on the dormant season of the tree and when it’s the best time to prune the tree. You can ask the arborist for a tree pruning schedule.
  • Consider the size of the branch that you want to remove. It’s best to let the expert at the expert services prune the branches because they know the best size to prune. You don’t want your tree to be harmed.
  • Trim branches that are weak and narrow. Keep the branches that look strong.
  • When pruning, consider the ratio of the crown, and the height of the tree.
  • Begin pruning the tree from a young age
  • Keep lateral branches well-spaced especially when the tree is young
  • Remove branches that cross each other

Tree pruning will keep your trees healthy, and it’s imperative that it’s done properly. It’s best to let the experts from the tree cutting company Bethesda do the pruning to ensure your trees remain healthy. Make sure you follow the care tips given after pruning.

Not only do tree service professionals have the specialized tools and equipment to get the job done faster and cleaner, they also have many years of tree pruning experience to help them better anticipate what could go wrong, and modify the work plan accordingly so that it doesn’t. Gravity dictates that what goes up, must come down. Hiring a trained arborist is your most effective way of ensuring whatever does come down does so in a safe, controlled way.

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